Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An ADK Anniversary

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of me finally finding out what the hell was wrong with me. To refesh, a doc in the ADK diagnosed me after my doc fell down on his job......for 2 years. It's been a long year and a difficult journey. Meds and pain and misery (oh my). But I feel like I have leveled out.

Last week we made our annual pilgrimage to the ADK. It was better than I had hoped. First and foremost, I got to spend a few days with a very old and dear friend and her family. Secondly, all the worries and wonders I had prior to going were unfounded.

Packing is like an olympic event in our house. We have to pack for 4.....OK, who am I kiding.....I have to pack for 4. Plus we have 2 large bins full of camping equipment plus we now have a canoe. Most stuff wasn't too difficult to pack and load.....Scott helped alot with that. My worry was how the hell was I going to lift my end of a 70 pound canoe and get it on and off my truck? Well, I was actually surprised that they only difficulty was that that thing is damn heavy! But Physically I was able to get it on the truck and I had no issues after. My friend's hubby helped Scott get it off when we got there. Thanks again Marty!

We tent-camp and haven't had an air-mattress in a few years.....ever since the mice made a snack out of the old one. I kept meaning to buy a new one but never seemed to get around to it. I really worried about sleeping on the ground this year. Was I going to be able to get up in the mornings? Would I be stiff? In pain? I am happy to say that I had no issues sleeping on ground. I really was surprised. I thought I was going to have to go to the nearest town and buy an air matteress. I hate setting up and taking down my tent. But even more, I hate the thought of possibly having to buy a camper some day in the near future. I always have to keep in mind if I even should be sleeping on the ground.....padded or not. This year I was able to stay camper-free.

Another worry was, would I even be able to do anything? We usually hike, canoe, walk, walk, hike, swim, shopping day in Lake Placid, etc. You get the point. We haven't hiked a mountain since we've had the kids. (I wanted to this year but didn't find a small enough one that my daughter may be able to do until the day we left.) We did a lot. I don't think we sat around one day. The easiest day was probably the day we canoed. Although I had to remain very conscious of how I held the paddles, it was surprisingly easy. I did have some muscle pain after but nothing more than a workout burn. Swimming was great. I was in the pond almost every day. And all the walking we did (which was my biggest worry) no problem.

So all in all, it was a great vacation. Honestly, the most difficult things for me were coming home (only because I would love to live there) and being away from my blender and juicer for a week. I can't wait to make my reservations for next year!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that your arthritis did not get in the way of having a great camping vacation. Sometimes it really is difficult to do out door things like camping, hiking and canoeing when you have RA and need mobility aids, but it was wonderful to hear that arthritis did not ruin your vacation one bit.