Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stepping Up My Running Game

Today was a great day in so many aspects. Me and the kids went to my siser's house for some sun and swimming. My sister's fiance's daughter is here visiting and my niece was also there. My cousin Beth came over with her too kids and my grandmother brought my uncle's son.

It was great to see the kids play. I love watching my kids play. I love to see their immaginations come to life. They were playing one game in the pool that they made up and they decided that the winner was going to get to dress up Chris (my sister's fiance') to look like a girl.....right down to balloons and a bra.

I also love to watch them solve their own problems. Too often as adults we interfere where we shouldn't, not letting them become independent thinkers.

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching the kids interact with Christopher. Christopher is my cousin's nearly 3 year old son. He was diagnosed with autism a few months ago. I love to see him because I can see new things every time. Today he was having a ball with my son Connor. Connor was so protective of Chris. Whenever Chris wanted to go on the slide, Connor followed him up the ladder and encouraged him on. Then he ran around to the bottom of the slide to catch him when he came down. He made sure that the other kids were careful and aware of him as he climbed the swingset.

Chris seemed a little more into me today too. Sometimes he looks at me like I'm a crazy nut. He let me push him onthe swing and when I wasn't doing i high enough he told me so. At one point, Chris and I were playing peek-a-boo by some bushes and I got the feeling he was urging me to chase him. He would run a few steps then stop and look at me then run a few more steps, stop and look at me, you get the picture. Running was the last thing I would have ever thought myself doing today but I figured, what the hell. He's only 3 so I gave chase. It was the best feeling! I got to run with someone who wasn't gonna leave me in the dust. Actually, he stopped every few minutes to let me catch him and tickle him. (Maybe he sensed that I would need to stop briefly to check myself.) Then we would run some more. I know how good interaction with others is for Chris. Today it was good for me too. He allowed me to do something I have been afraid to try for a while. Run. Even though I know how good I feel, there is always that fear that I'll do something to ruin it. Today that never occured to me. My only thought was, "How awesome is this! Chrissy's leting me chase him and catch him and tickle him!" The only thing I saw was Chris having a good time and laughing and interacting and playing. I was elated with that and with myself. I was so elated that it carried over several hours later when.....

"Daddy, you said we could go play tennis tonight." That was my son reminding my husband of his promise to go to the tennis courts down the road.

A couple of days ago when this came up I was horrified. Of course I would be expected to go. And I would be expected to participate. And all I could think was , "Yeah, I'm gonna be walking around the tennis courts. Great fun!"

Tonight, my mind-set was different. Mainly it was due to playing with Chris. I figured this.....my kids really aren' that great at tennis. Mackenzie only hits the ball once ever dozen times. I can just sorta stand there. No problem. Well, Connor was much better than I expected and he had me running.....literally RUNNING! I was no where near as active as I was the last time I was on a tennis court but I didn't have to stop and say, "Sorry kids. Mommy is in too much pain to play." I was able to keep up with them.

I'm trying not to think about tomorrow and if I'll be able to function. I'm just going to listen to the sounds of Chrissy's giggle and my son saying,"Jump higher Mommy!" as I remember the day that I finally stepped up my running game to play with a child.

Thank you Beth for sharing your son with me today.


  1. You are welcome! I am glad that you both benefited from being with each other today. It was just as therapeutic for him as it was for you. He had a fun time...thank Connor for me!

  2. Angela, I have been searching for others who may have found the diet connection. A lot is written about wheat. I had blood work done to determine what foods I couldn't tolerate. I had thought it was mainly wheat but found out it was the yeast among other foods. My RA is in complete remission with no meds. I want so much for others to know. I suffered for years so know how hard it is.