Thursday, July 2, 2009

A-S-S Revived

One of the earlier symptoms I experienced during the on-set of my RA was a hoarseness in voice and a tightness in my throat. I didn't know what it was. Many times while I was talking, it would cut out. If I put any strain on it at all above a normal volume, it would go completely. I had no idea that my voice issues were related to the other symptoms I was having. It wasn't until I started researching RA that I discovered it can affect your vocal chords, voice, and throat.

Since it was hard to raise my voice above normal to talk, imagine what it did to me to sing. This was a real bummer for me because I love to sing, especially in my car. Now I'm not saying I'm any good at it. As a matter of fact, I suck. But I enjoy it. My favorite place to sing is my car because I can crank the radio and no one has to hear me. It's kind of a release for me, especially when I have something like Metallica cranked. Right now, my favorite accompaniment is the new Shinedown CD. So yes, I must admit it. I have A-S-S.....Automobile Singing Syndrome.

I had to give it up for quite a while because I was really afraid that I was going to blow my voice out. But since I've been on the study drug, it has made a difference in my voice. I'd like to say that it made it sound better but, alas, my singing still sucks. But at least I can do it again! So, yay for me! My A-S-S has been revived!


  1. GF-
    I do the same therapy! :D Lately it has been Portable Sounds by TobyMac.

    The "protect your joints" thing does count for the vocal cords too, & man it is worse than depressing when you can't use your voice.

    Ever get fun glances from other drivers? ;)

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  3. Yeah, I learned the hard way about protecting the chords when I nearly blew out my voice. I thought I was getting sick or something. My Rheumy never told me about that. Go figure.

    I LOVE it when people laugh or smile. Especially because I know tha they are doing it too!