Monday, July 20, 2009

You Move Differently

I was talking to my friend Cherie this morning when I dropped my kids off to summer camp. Cherie teaches yoga and movement at the school that my kids attend. We were discussing a variety of things and how I have been feeling, my diet, and meds briefly came up. Cherie made the comment "You move differently". I agreed and jokingly said, "Yeah I don't limp anymore." We parted ways and as I was driving, I started thinking about what she had said and realized exactly what that statement encompased. She was right. I really do move differently. There is no caution when I take a step. I'm animated again when I talk. I used to be a huge hand-talker (Italian) and one day it just got to be painfull to talk with my hands. Now I notice that I do it more. I can't sit still. I did it for so long because it hurt to stand, now I don't want to sit. I pace when I'm on the phone. My posture is different. I stand diferently. I drum and tap on the table again. I know it's annoying but now that I can do it again pain-free, I do it constantly. And yestreday I tore up 2 large pizza boxes (non of which I ate!) to put in my composter. I CAN TEAR CARDBOARD!!!!! So Cherie my love! Thank you for noticing what I had not.....I MOVE DIFFERENTLY!


  1. Wow, Giants Fan!
    I am rejoicing with you!
    May your good days go on and on!
    Woohoo GF!!

  2. Hell yeah you are moving differently - and tapping your toes - TOM!!!

  3. Thanks Kelly! That means a lot, especially coming from you because I know you still struggle with this every day.