Friday, July 3, 2009

Walk A Few Feet In My Shoes

Normally we hear or use the saying, "Walk a mile in my shoes". I decided to title this post "Walk A Few Feet In My Shoes" because the reality for many people with RA is that walking just a foot or two can be the most difficult task they do on a daily basis. This post was my response to a blog entry from Kelly. You guys know her as RA Warrior. The link for the post is below for you to read if you choose. She blogged about people not really understanding what RA is and how it can make those living with RA feel.


Well kids, as much as I would like to make a list of people who I want to spend a day in my shoes, I don't know if I would wish this disease on my worst enemy. And, luckily, even tho I've been feeling really good from the meds I'm on, this is still an every-day battle.

There are so many other things aside from the pain and swelling. Between knowing I can never have anymore children to my diet changes to the monthly blood tests to the possibility that I may not be able to stay on this med long-term to organ damage, etc who would want all this?

So aside from wishing this kind of pain and lifestyle changes on others, how about if we just start saying to these people in out lives:

"I'm sorry that you don't understand the disease I have and what I'm going thru. When you have an opportunity, Google RA. Maybe if you read about it, it will all make more sense to you."

I was very leary about telling my friends and family. There are still some people that I am sorry I told. But I figured that people were gonna notice something was wrong. Most days I couldn't walk easily and my hands were in a state of what I like to call perma-swell.

Surprisingly, a couple people were aware of what RA is. A few others asked for clarification. A couple people acted as if I was on my death bed. But most people had no clue. All they heard me say was the word 'arthritis' and then the assumptions began.

I still have to remind people that I don't have creaky joints, and it's not about getting old, and my body isn't wearing out, and all the other responses I have to come up with as answers to the stupid things that people say.

I have also gotten so much unwanted free "medical advice". Anybody else get that?

What I have found is that the people who are in my life who really want to understand are making the effort. They will take my diet changes into consideration. They ask how the drug study is going, is my bloodwork ok, am I still OK on the stairs at work, bring me gluten-free beer, and follow this blog, my Non-Dairy Queen blog & FB page, and follow RA Warrior's FB page. I have friends who follow Kelly's RA Warrior FB page simply for me.

I have also seen more clearly something I always knew.....people fear what they don't understand. Think about it. Where does discrimination come from? Fear. We discriminate against race, religion, creed, nationality, and disability. I have to wonder how many people actually do understand what RA is and have such a blinded view that they are fearful of the worst. I would never ask my BFF to help me walk or anything like that even tho I know she would in a heartbeat. But is that fear latent in the people in out lives? Are they afraid that we may ask for help?

Maybe someday they will really get it. Maybe they won't. But I can't keep worrying about it. If I'm worth it to them, they'll make an effort to really learn about what I'm going thru.


  1. For anyone who is interested...I know the general stuff about RA but after your post took a peek at this...

  2. Thanks for adding link Beth. That's where I got a lot of info from in the beginning.