Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guinea Pig: Day 2 Part 2

So here's the low-down since May 10th:

1. I've had no dairy.
2. I've cut gluten out 90%.
3. I've had no RA drugs.
4. I've had to have an IUD (sorry guys) and, much to my delight, "Aunt Flo" has been here since May 8th.
5. Pain and swelling have been eever present without RA meds...Advil was a bit of help
6. Number 5 being said, I have noticed a difference without the dairy.

So, as of when I woke up this morning, I had 2 doses of whatever I was given from the study doctor. I also have not had any Advil since Sunday morning.

As I prepared to uncurl myself and stretch out some of the pain and stiffness, I noticed that I had less pain. Whatever. So I stretched. I was anticipating the normal excruciating pain I feel whenever I do this. Not so much pain this morning. Next is the nightmarish of a walk, or rather limp, to the bathroom. I stepped out of bed. No sharp ankle pain. Just a dull throb. Even more amazing...I actually walked to the bathroom without limping or hopping. As I took my socks off ( I hate it when my feet touch when I sleep) I noticed that my ankles were significanlty less swollen then they were yesterday.

Just to explain.....ya know the bones on the outside and inside of your ankles down by your foot? Well mine have been very troublesome for a long time.....long before the diagnosis. Anyways, The soft and connective tissues have been so inflamed that it looked like I had golfballs on the outsides of my ankles and the insides of my ankles looked deformed. I actually was beginning to think that was what was happening until this morning. The insides are not swollen at all and the outsides are about half as swollen as yesterday.

Continuing on, my left elbow seems a little straighter today and less swollen. To my relief the doc told me yesterday that there isn't damage happening yet but the inability to straighten it was coming from the swelling. My joints connecting my fingers to my hand are less swollen. My wrists don't hurt as much.

And this was all before my hot, hot shower.

What does this all mean?
1. I have a "miracle drug" in my possession.
2. I'm having a good day.
3. The ever-scarey "placebo effect" has taken hold.
4. Absolutly nothing.

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  1. Are you sure it isn't all in your head? Not funny..I know. It all sounds good, looking forward to seeing how you feel in the days and weeks to come.