Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Partner In Eating

I spent a little time with my cousin yesterday going thru her pantry and fridge/freezer. I am so impressed at the changes and sacrifices she has made! It was amazing to see!

Let me back up real quick. Her son was recently diagnosed with autism and to preserve his health and help him heal, the whole family has gone gluten and dairy free. She showed me so many products I didn't even know were out there. And I frequent Lori's, Abundance, and Wegman's Nature's Market weekly! I guess I really wasn't paying attention.

She gave me lots of goodies to try, which I am very greatful for. And she gave me some advice and suggestions. When my husband became a vegetarian, we kinda stuck out in the family. And then when the kids came along and we raised them the same, well, I know it was a pain but I tried to make it easier. I have to say, I'm glad we aren't the only ones with dietary restrictions who are gonna be at the dinner table! When I decided to try this dairy-free gluten-free thing I did consider just staying home for the holidays. But I'm not alone now! I have a partner in eating! Actually, I have 4!

When we started talkng about the holidays, of course it was focused around what we would be eating. Or, more like what would NOT be eating. No more Christmas delicacies like cardones and artichokes, for every Italian knows that you can't make them right without cheese! And the desserts! I think we both decided that we aren't going to bake cookies this year. That's gonna leave a big hole on the dessert table! Or maybe we'll have to do some modified baking!


  1. I have found great results with following a gluten/dairy free diet and then some. Not only did my family join me also, but my sister is now gluten free as well as my sister in law and brother. I hope you see good results. Lucky you for having a supportive family. There are great gluten free blogs out there.

  2. I found some good vegan blogs. I gotta look for the gluten-free blogs. I gotta get my husband and kids to jump on this bandwagon. My son is worried about giving up cheese. Ahhh to be 8 again. I'd love that to be my only worry!