Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guinea Pig: Day 8

Woke up this morning with some pain and swelling. It left quickly but it's more than I've had in a week. I'm thinking it was something I ate. I had sushi for dinner last nite. I didn't take into consideration that even though there was no cream cheese in the rolls I got, I don't know the ingredients in the japanese mayo. And I forgot soy sauce has the ever-dreaded GLUTEN!!! Oh well. Live and learn. Still feeling great.

I have a friend who's mom has ra and she's really having a hell of a time. I gave her some info. Ihope it helps. Having it makes me feel so much worse for others because now I know what they are going thru.

I was doing some research on gluten and found some pretty interesting info:

Immune responses to gluten, the proteins found in cereal grains are a common cause of an impressive number of diseases. The remarkable fact is that eating “normal”, often-recommended foods can be hazardous to your health. Celiac is the best defined gluten disease.
The classic presentation of celiac disease is chronic diarrhea, with abdominal bloating, sometimes pain, weight loss, iron deficiency and other evidence of nutrient malabsorption. Celiac disease is immune-mediated and should be described as gluten allergy.
People who are diagnosed with celiac disease often feel like outcasts and resent the hard work of avoiding gluten. We have taken the opposite approach and ask a much larger group of people to exclude gluten along with other popular foods as a routine measure of restoring health.
A list of diseases that occur with increased frequency in celiac patients resembles the list of disorders reviewed under our descriptions of delayed pattern food allergy. These diseases include diabetes, thyroid disease, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, sacroileitis, sarcoidosis, vasculitis, inflammatory lung disease, eye inflammation, cerebellar ataxia and schizophrenia. These and other immune-mediated disease can be linked to gluten ingestion. These associations suggest that people with a tendency to immune hypersensitivity diseases are vulnerable to food antigens that can cause systemic autoimmune disease.

Food for thought.....

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